JP eSports Consulting is a full-service eSports management and marketing company providing management services and managing the careers of professional eSports athletes. It was founded in 2015 and currently has offices in Berlin and Regensburg (Germany).

Our promise is a commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our clients, whether it is an individual athelete, a team or a whole organization, reach their highest level of personal and professional success. With tailored measures all our clients get the premium treatment to maximize their success.

Indeed, this is one of the main reasons behind the success of JP eSports Consulting.


JP eSports Consulting is a full-service eSports management and marketing company. We have assembled a group of advisers whose involvement in your career, from beginning to end, will ensure the finest in personal management and representation. JP's’ staff has extensive capabilities to assist you in such areas as contract negotiation, marketing and endorsements, sales and merchandising, tax and financial planning and career counseling.


With many years of collective experience,  JP’s executives and agents possess the experience necessary in today’s competitive and complicated business of eSports team business management and athlete representation to not only successfully represent all its clients' interests from start to end.


JP eSports Consulting is based in Berlin, Germany. Our agent and partner network translates into convenience for all our clients and allows us to service and pursue marketing opportunities for you on a regional, national and international level.

"This depth and versatility, combined with our knowledge, experience and personal attention, allows us to maximize opportunities for our clients and distinguishes us as a leader in eSports team management services and athlete representation."